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of workplace learning happens on the job.

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We’re a workplace performance company bringing the best job support resources to your staff where they need them, when they need them.

Whether you need to quickly onboard new staff, enable learning in the flow of work, or reimagine the performance landscape entirely, we provide insightful, actionable solutions that transform performance challenges into effective, measurable, outcomes.

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How We Work

Workplace performance starts with a solid foundation. We collaborate with your line of business experts to understand current realities in production or service performance, and recommend improvement measures. We’ll help you to design and build a relevant, achievable solution based on your business priorities.


We start by analyzing the workflow to fully understand the territory of a job and the tasks it entails. We examine the interface between all stakeholders, performers, and frontline managers. All line of business owners are acknowledged and supported to ensure performance expectations are aligned with business goals.


Next, we look for quick wins — opportunities to optimize work processes to reduce common errors and the time it takes to do each task.


Then we roll up our sleeves and look for the most effective way to help workers accomplish their tasks accurately and consistently over time. We identify obstacles, skill deficiencies, knowledge gaps, or insufficient support resources and create a solution that’s unique to your business and workforce.

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Our Solutions

By focusing on performance and process first, we’re able to pinpoint specific solutions to match a given context. We understand when formal training is appropriate and when it’s not. Training is often part of improving performance but it may not be the total solution.

Onboarding Programs

Delivery Solutions

Manager Performance Guides

Readiness Checklists

Instructor-led Training

eLearning Modules

Reap the Rewards

The Benefits

Day-one performance

With unprecedented levels of staff turnover, organizations face huge challenges onboarding new staff. Our solutions – linked to key performance indicators – enble your performers to “learn while doing,” adapt quickly, and independently solve unexpected problems in the workflow.

Real-time access

Information is not useful if it’s buried in training materials or tucked away in the mind of a subject matter expert. Our methodology “makes the invisible visible” by surfacing relevant information for the benefit of performers on the job – and your organization’s bottom line.

Ongoing value

Each time a staff member leaves your organization valuable institutional knowledge is lost forever. Our solutions not only support your operations today, but bring value to business reorganizations, M&A, and team integration efforts tomorrow.

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